Summit Kids

Summit Kids, for primary school children, is included in the Sunday morning service during school terms.



HUNGRY NO MORE (HNM) is a program where everyone is welcome without judgement. Some of us have problems with mental health issues, some of us still battle addictions, some of us have been in prison, and some of us are a bit lonely and want to make some friends. We know we can be ourselves and not be judged at HNM, and still have a good time together.

We realised a couple of years ago that a number of us believed in God and wanted to go to church. But many felt uncomfortable in most other church services, so we started ‘ALIVE@5′ which is an informal church service at 5pm on Sundays in our church hall. The thing we like about Alive@5 is that we learn that God has given us great value no matter what our problems, that God sees us first and foremost as people and doesn’t focus all His attention on our problems. What a relief! This has helped us to feel safe at HNM and to be relaxed, and to realise that people really do like us for who we are. So come along and see for yourself…you are VERY welcome. We also have a group for your kids, so bring them along too.We have a small music group that practises on Wednesday mornings (mostly) at 10am in the hall. We usually practise songs that we can sing at ‘Alive@5’ church…to help us worship God.

 ‘T@6’ is a free 2 course meal served at 6pm each Sunday. It is a great way to get to know each other, to enjoy a really good feed, and to get support or help if we need it. Churches and community groups, along with some individuals, provide the meal each week. We are very grateful to them.

Anyone is welcome even if you do not go to Alive@5. If you are hungry, or homeless, or lonely, or just want to come along…you are VERY welcome. The only break we have from T@6 is from our Christmas celebration the Sunday before Christmas through January, starting again on the first Sunday in February.

Some more facts about HUNGRY NO MORE:

HUNGRY NO MORE began at Mt Barker UC in February 2000, and has provided a safe, supportive and welcoming place for between 30 to 50 people every week, sharing a meal, T@6, together. Amazing volunteers have given their time, talent, and love, to serve God and some of the most vulnerable people in our community through the HNM ministry.

Over the years we have had the support of 5 local UC Churches, and Mt Barker Anglican Church, Mt Barker Baptist Church, Mt Barker Rotary Club, and many individuals and couples from our church and others such as Mt Barker AOG Church and Church of Christ. A local milkman donates milk and cream every week, and a local baker donates bread for the meal, and for people to take home.

An informal and meaningful service, Alive@5, has gathered momentum. One of the greatest blessings we have received from Alive@5 is the Music Team. A few of the HNM people began music jam sessions, which have now grown into practice sessions for the next Sunday’s service. These musicians add a new depth to Alive@5.

Our prayer and vision is that HNM will continue to grow allowing all who participate the opportunity to receive the healing and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

John 6:35 Jesus said, ‘I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry…’

Grass Roots Friendship Group

All are welcome – people who struggle with depression and anxiety, people who just want to connect during the week for friendship.

Morning tea, chat, share and do!

Men and women are welcome, but we do mostly have women.

When: Tuesdays 10.30am in the Kindergarten Building (next door to church).

All Age Choir

We have a lot of fun rehearsing upbeat, modern music for worship at special times.

For more information, please contact the church office on (08) 8391 2513 or Geoff on (08) 8391 5194.

When: 7.30pm to 8.30pm in the church.

Women’s Fellowship

When: 7.30pm in the Hall, first Friday of each month.

Mt Barker Elders

When: 1.00pm, first Monday of each month. Contact the church office for the location on (08) 8391 2513.